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On behalf of Ownership, Management and the entire Staff at Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa, it is with great sadness that we announce the Resort has been closed, and an era has ended!!!! We are proud of the legacy that has been created over the last 20 years, as well as the 50 year history under the ownership of U.A. Local 38 Plumbers & Pipefitters Union.

We would like to thank our legions of Fans, Members and Clientle, for their support and patronage, during this incredible journey! It is our hope that the Resort will be sold and re-opened soon, and that we will have the good fortune, to serve you once again in the near future!

For more information on the Resort or for inquiries from interested parties concerning a potential sale/acquisition of the property, please feel free to contact Greg Bennett, President & General Manager, Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa, at greg@konoctiharbor.com or direct at 707-279-6601.

Thank you…

Sea Breeze Foundation

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Brianne "Breezy" Beighle

Once upon a time, in the land of Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa...

We were blessed to have a young girl by the name of Brianne 'Breezy' Beighle, enter our lives. Breezy became a member of our Konocti Family, at age 7, as she began her long and difficult battle with cancer. She was the world's biggest country fan... and was a fixture at most every country show, both in her front row seats, and in our hearts, as she greeted the artists with a laugh and our staff with a hug. Over the next 7 years, she sang with the stars... danced for the audience, and became our own country music celebrity... a fixture back stage at her favorite country shows. Among many things... she taught us about strength, courage, energy, enthusiasm, and how special each moment in life really is. She also defined the word, SPIRIT... living each day to the fullest, with a zest for life, and a heart of gold. Breezy Beighle touched our lives like an angel sent from above, and when she succumbed to cancer, at age 14, it was clear to all who knew her, that her SPIRIT, should never be forgotten.

Therefore, the SEA BREEZE FOUNDATION was born... With the mission of...

Providing Hope... and Fulfilling Dreams... for Children & Families during their time of need...

Brianne "Breezy" Beighle with Trace Adkins

The Sea Breeze Foundation, will carry the memory and spirit, of Breezy Beighle, into the future... and beyond, by raising funds to support individuals and causes, which meet the established criteria for assistance. These fund raising efforts include Raffle Ticket sales at concerts, as well as the sale of Pepsi Celebrity Quarterback Shootout memorabilia... of which a portion of the proceeds, benefit the Sea Breeze Foundation...


The Sea Breeze Foundation will also provide opportunities for Children and Families going through these difficult times, to experience the Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa, by providing tickets, Konocti getaways, back stage visits, and more.


If you or someone you know, is facing the challenge of their lives, and going through a difficult time, please take a moment to fill out a Sea Breeze Foundation request for assistance, and we will determine if it meets with our established criteria, and respond appropriately.

Thank you for supporting the Sea Breeze Foundation...

Click here to nominate someone who would benefit from the Sea Breeze Foundation.

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